Friday, January 18, 2008

My First Ever Blog Posting

This blog is intended primarily as a place for me to think out loud (or in print at least). All comments are welcome and I would be delighted if some folk found there way here to add their two cents. The posts here will be primarily on the subjects of Religion/Atheism and Philosophy but might not be restricted to those subjects. I am not particularly well read on either subject, though I am remedying that at the moment. If I am covering some really basic ideas and my floundering is grating on you, feel free to point in the direction of the relevant thinker and I will make every effort to educate myself. I do not intend to moderate any comments on this site and hopefully I won’t have to change that policy. That said, I do ask that you keep the insults and Ad Hominem to a minimum. This may all be a bit unnecessary. I might be the only person who ever posts here but what the Hell, might as well get that stuff declared right off the bat. It should also be noted that I have no idea what I’m doing with regard to Blog editing. I ask forgiveness in advance for poor layout, linking etc. All advice gratefully received. For all the reasons above, seasoned debaters may find this blog a little amateur for their tastes but hopefully the standard will raise over time.

In short, I am here in a spirit of humble inquiry. I hope to learn, both about how I think and how others do too. I am also after some debate that goes beyond boring pub talk.

Without further preamble, I shall offer up my untrained thoughts for you scorn and collective eye-rolling.


eezee said...

Hi Gary, Just found your site. May I start the ball rolling by asking your opinion on Muslims in Europe. Is their very large presence in Europe countries causing us to lose our freedom of speech. We have to be so careful now in what we say and do, it seems to me we are fast losin our freedoms. Also do other people feel that Muslims in general are lacking in sense of humour. EEZEE

Eamo said...

Hi Gary
I would like to recommend the writings of Noam Chomsky as a great place to get your education on the topics you mentioned rolling. An old but Good Documentary is Manufacturing consent. You can watch it free on the net.

The Celtic Chimp said...


Thanks for that, I'll have a gander!

Dougal Benet said...

Hi Celtic Chimp,

Here is some info that I am sure will be of help to you.

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