Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Submission - One more reason

I was bouncing around some blogs when I came across this link over at Scott's blog. I wasn't really all that surprised by the gibberish being argued over. What did surprise me is that some women commenters were actually supporting this idea that wives should submit to their husbands. When I gave this a little thought though it was less surprising. Some women definitely like the idea of a man in charge. In my personal experience, they like this situation just fine right up until the man in charge makes a decision they don't like. When that happens, equality rules. Most of the women I have dealt with in my personal life have been pretty strong-willed so I suppose the idea of them submitting to anyone seems a little ridiculous to me. I suppose there is nothing really wrong with a woman choosing to submit to her husband but when that kind of thinking becomes expected we are heading in a dangerous direction. This is just one more reason why taking the scribblings of some violently misogynist ancient assholes as the word of God is really not a good idea.


scott gray said...


the only women who baffle me more than the ones who choose to submit, are the ones who don't choose to submit, but stay actively engaged in the paradigm!!

gee whiz, ladies!! no religious paradigm is prescribed in this country!!

jump ship!!

and pleeze!! take all your girl children with you!!

scott gray said...


there's also this little number with the same croud...


Lucian said...

LOL. :-) It seems You have a thing for strong-willed women: join the club! :-)

The Celtic Chimp said...


Thanks for the link. I commend your patience in dealing with that lot!


Now thats a gospel I can get behind ;)