Friday, March 14, 2008

Patron of the Arts

While I am sure that my blog gets about as much traffic as an all pork drive-thru in downtown Jerusalem, I have descided to use my blog to boost my brothers listernship by one, maybe two people. Yes Scott I'm talking to you! (you might possibly visit twice)

My younger brother Stuart is a musican. A talented little shit, though I may be biased. Anyway for those of you with an interest in music. Check this out and post your opinion, or better yet leave a comment on his myspace page!


scott gray said...


i like his stuff.

if i had a kid brother, believe you me, i would shamelessly promote him.

good for you.


The Celtic Chimp said...


Good man, knew I could count on you! I asked Larry (the bum!) if he would be willing to post the link on his blog and what do you know he said he would. He is a good sort that Larry!