Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ray's comfort zone

Intolerance is alive and well in modern christianity. I will shovel the following post from Ray Comfort's blog onto my own only to avoid misrepresenting this ASSHOLE. Many fundamentalist Christians are openly hostile to alternative views. Fair enough, they are entitled to their opinion. I have no problem with someone being aggressively opposed to my point of view. I don't think it is very beneficial but that is their choice. I am glad to say that examples like ray's are much rarer. As a host to a debate there is a certain amount of integrity expected. Comment moderation of any kind should be avoided where at all possible. There are of course situations where such moderation becomes necessary, spam for example or perhaps someone being mindlessly abusive or offensive for absolutely no reason and with nothing substantive to say. I, and many other bloggers I am glad to say, have no problem being derided or outright insulted if the person doing so has a good point to make. It is better if the debate not have to go this way but that's life.

What ray has just done on his blog though is far worse. It is soo petty that I for one will not be going back to his blog again. I would strongly discourage any atheist from engaging with this total tard so long as he enforces this kind of disgusting show of intolerant, school yard pettiness. ray, like many a good christian before him is going to try to force his way of thinking on you. Utterly disgusting. Thank God ray is just a flaccid, powerless, pontificating, smug, brainless egomaniac who has no outlet for his intolerant hatred of anyone who would question him but to impose ridiculous rules on his blog visitors. A few centuries ago though, it would be a grinning vacuous moron like this twat that would be strapping you to the rack. So what it is that has got this chimp's goat up so much. Without further ado, here he is in all his Torquemada-esque glory:

A Special Note to Atheists
I am honored that so many non-Christians frequent this site, but if you don’t write God or Jesus with capital letters, your comment will be automatically deleted. Thank you for your understanding.

OK, so I know what your thinking, ray just wants a little respect for the main man jesus christ. Many of us Atheists were a little annoyed but I and others responded with little more than eye rolling. No big thing. This was my response:

Ray, I think I have been doing that already, more as a nod to English grammar than piety. It is had [should have read hard] to see this insistence as anything but silly though. Still, your blog, your rules.

This was fairly typical of the atheist responses. However, in response to some of the more sarcastic comments, ray shows his true colors by following up with this :

Why the caps for the name of God?
"Matthew Wooller said...What kind of god is your GOD Raymond? Did he ask this of you as a personal request, or are you getting this from somewhere else. In your head, how is this a problem? Is the lack of capitals offending you? Surely you cannot believe that it is offending Yahweh - I mean, he's an omnipotent being, does he really get upset with grammar and syntax?"

Matt...I didn't do this for me or for God. I did it for you and for your atheist friends. Every time you write the name of God or Jesus, having to capitalize it will remind you that He is infinitely your Superior, and that you will bow the knee before Him one day, whether you believe in Him or not. My earnest prayer is that you bow now, while He offers mercy, rather than in judgment.



scott gray said...


i empathize with his attention to capitalization, as i've chosen to speak softly at all times on blogs with nothing but small case letters and occasional italics. (it's a pain; i have to go back over all my drafts in microsoft word and change case. some people [bb!] find it contrived.)

but his need for policing capitals for deities is even more contrived than my lower-case soft-spokenness. he might better go with a 'yhwh' tradition or 'g-d' tradition. except that these two traditions are not part of his tradition, and in fact are respectful solutions from opposing orthodoxies, and so he finds no need for them. we each pick our orthodoxy. it' always interesting to see how people who 'love god' choose to remind us that that's what they're doing.

i'm guessing he filters out four letter words as well?

but, what the hey, he has more readers than you and i ever will...



The Celtic Chimp said...


I had no major objection to his original insistance on capitals but when he gave his reasons it was clear he had no respect for any view but his own.

Your right about the readers though! :)

The Barefoot Bum said...

I used to think your all small-case was contrived, scott; you've convinced me that it's a sincere stylistic gesture.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of idiots, take a look at this senate bill trying to may 28th the 'Ten Commandments Weekend'.

United States of Christendom within our lifetime?

The Celtic Chimp said...


Now there is a thought to scare the shit out of anyone, probably better not to be a muslim if the
"United States of Christendom" should even become a reality. Evangelising with a military arsenal. We can only pray it doesn't happen :)

Anonymous said...

We welcome our new Chinese overlords!

The Celtic Chimp said...

Long live Chairman Mao!!!!

Chris Drost said...

Hi! Irish Atheists has a post on its front page in which you talk about objective morality.

I was a moral-skeptic who was converted to moral realism (and a belief in its compatibility with atheism) by an atheist philosopher named Thomas Metcalf. Here's one of his better posts on the matter, though there are several atheist comments which seem to just plain miss the point.


The Celtic Chimp said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the link. I checked it out but found it thoroughly unconvincing. I intend doing a full post on it later this weekend. I'll detail what I didn't like about Metcalf's reasoning.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Well Jesus Fucking Christ, can't you see the guys God damn point.

When you capitaize like this, it realy puts a Fucking God Damn emphesis on what your saying.

Andy B.

The Celtic Chimp said...


FUCK, never considered it that way.

Well Fuck me sideways :)

Anonymous said...

When I say GOD, it's always god, and I think it's important in terms of perspective to understand and know that. To tell someone to type in a certain way simply loads they're position in an unnecessary way. I would much rather understand an individuals perspective then force them in some literal fascist blogger manner, into expression in a certain manner by nixing they're writing based on capitolization.

For example, some people don't like swearing. I Fuckin' love it. If you tell me not to you're really telling me that I should devise other means of expressing myself. But in a dry intellectual and emotionaly void conversation you really can't do that. So what you end up with is this dry empty civility that's about as interesting as watching Fucking paint dry. Words and certin inflections don't just force points, but show your humanity, and the lack there-of shows your lack of emphesis, disinterest and/or sense of uniportance, and it's certainly nice to know that.

You may not make a certain point on a given matter clear in a face to face discussion with someone, but the look on your face and the words you choose in the vary least lets someone know how you feel about it. That in many cases is what's most important. I may not always understand my wife, but I always know when she's Fuckin' Pissed.

This guy doesn't want athiests to bow down, he's jsut uncomfortable in his own skin and insecure in his beliefs. By forcing people to talk in certain ways or to use grammer in certain ways, you don't have to address your own uncertainties. You can look at a rubut to something and still see "God" or "Jesus" there front and center.

Andy B.

The Celtic Chimp said...


Swearing is a fucking great way to express how you feel. For example:

'Ray Comfort is silly'

just doesn't have the same emotional content as

'Ray Comfort is a fucking tard'

nor indeed does it have the same level of satisfaction to say.

I don't usually stoop to ad hom but this guy is beneath any kind of respect. I not so sure though that this is insecurity on his part. Crazy though it may indeed be, I think this guy is actually convinced about the whole Jesus thing.

Anonymous said...

You've only just worked that out?